The leading European investment valuation provider

Established in 1996 and management-owned, we are a team of >20 highly qualified valuation experts, offering the best quality and fully serviced valuation solutions to the financial industry: funds, asset managers, banks and insurance companies.

We offer tailor-made valuation solutions based on our proprietary and highly automated software for all financial asset classes, covering most EU regulations such as UCITS, AIFMD, PRIIPs and more. Our services are highly regarded by our clients, auditors and regulators.

Our headquarters are located on the 32nd floor of the new Omni Tower in the heart of the banking district in Frankfurt, Germany. We also have branches in Luxembourg and Austria.  

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We provide valuations that you can trust

Based on our highly modern and efficient infrastructure we deliver the best valuation solutions for your business:

via automation of the valuation process

fewer manual processes -> more accuracy

providing our customers with full transparency

Audit proof 
supporting all internal and external audit requirements

annually for the ISAE-3402 type II (by KPMG) since 2010

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Solution focus

We are delighted to present two of our outstanding solutions:

External valuation service, AIFMD

We assume the activities and liabilities of valuing your investment portfolios

Renewable energy project valuation 

You can rely on our unrivalled expertise and highly recognized in-house valuation and risk solutions for this highly complex investment class

Please contact us to get more information about these and other comprehensive valuation solutions

In addition to our valuation services, we also offer many complementary solutions

Transaction Analysis
  • PRIIPs Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Market Conformity Checks
Financial Risk Reporting
  • Value at Risk (VaR)
  • Price Sensitivities
  • Scenario Calculations
Audit Support and Reporting
  • Detailed Valuation- and Risk-Reports
Benchmarks and Derived Market Data
  • Individualized Benchmark- / Index-Calculations
  • Credit-Spreads and -Curves
  • Expert Opinions and On-Demand Project Support
  • Financial or Investment Analysis

Our Service Standard

Since 2010, Value & Risk has been audited annually (by KPMG) according to the International Standard on Assurance Engagements No. 3402, Type II. The ISAE 3402 audit not only provides a maximum of operational security and quality assurance to our customers, but more importantly, it substantially reduces their own efforts on controlling, compliance and audit procedures.

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